The best way to start training your Pit Bull should begin as early as during its younger years. Generally, Pit Bulls are passional and loyal dogs, and they are very much athletic creatures that will enjoy spending quality time with their owners. Once your Pit Bull has become well-trained, it will be easy for it to socialize with other dogs and even with humans. In fact, this dog breed are affectionate and versatile family dogs that can be great with adults and children alike.

Brief Overview on Pit Bull Traits

Before you proceed to the best way to start training your Pit Bull, it may help to have a clearer understanding of the natural characteristics of this breed of dog. It is a common attribute of this dog to possess a high level of intelligence. They have an exceptional ability to tell the difference between an intruder from a family member or a friendly guest. Thus, it is typical to find this dog at home because of their ability to protect you and your household members.

PitBull Training

With this in mind, it is important to know the best way to start training your Pit Bull to strengthen this natural instinct of this dog. Just a little warning, though – Pit Bulls are not exactly what you can consider as a top-notch guard dog since they are often longing to be held and touched by humans (as long they sense these as a friend or a family visitor). Well-trained Pit Bulls also go along rather well with children, as they prefer to go on active play such as a romp around the yard or play catch.

If you are thinking of the best way to start training your Pit Bull, you will find it easier to begin when the dog is still a puppy. Proper training will turn this dog into a friendly creature that is often a joy to be with. Most importantly, you should consider buying a dog from renowned and trustworthy breeders since they realize the value of the right temperament of a Pit Bull through proper upbringing beginning from its early years.

Pit Bull are loaded with immense potentials to be outstanding pets, although this can be harnessed once you understand the best way to start training your Pit Bull. You have to understand that although these dogs are brimming with positive qualities, they can still be somewhat stubborn animals. They have strong will, and when trained the wrong way, you may find it hard dealing with this powerful dog.

Important Tips to Know about PitBull Training

In its natural state, Pit Bulls are not what you can call as aggressive dogs when dealing with humans. However, you have to watch out for their innate aggression, which they express towards other dogs. This is important to note when you are serious about knowing the best way to start training your Pit Bull since it is an issue that needs to be addressed right from the beginning. Pit Bulls that grow up being used to seeing other pets in the house tend to be loving towards these animals – as long as they are within the household, that is. On the other hand, these same creatures that your pet may see while walking down the street may be viewed differently. Other animals appear as hunting targets for Pit Bulls, but this still depends on how your pet was trained to behave.

Best way training your Pitbull

The following are important things to note on the best way to start training your Pit Bull:

1. Consider obedience training for your pet.

Naturally, Pit Bulls are fast-learners. Their intelligence level allows them to do well on obedience training, mainly because this provides them with the much-needed physical activity and mental stimulation that these dogs long for. Pit Bulls are hungry for plenty of sports that enable them to master certain skills with loads of enthusiasm, energy and excitement.

2. Opt for positive and motivating methods of training your Pit Bull.

Another best way to start training your Pit Bull is by going for rewards-based methods, which do not involve violence towards your dog. Since Pit Bulls do not need much prodding just to become motivated to learn, harsh and intimidating forms of corrections are no longer necessary when training your pet. Aside from giving rewards for a job well done, you may also look into the benefits of clicker training, which Pit Bulls prefer.

3. Know the proper way of house training your pet.

When it comes to the best way to start training your Pit Bull, you need to realize the value of house training. In fact, this should be the initial training that your dog should undergo, and it also helps resolve any management concerns with your pet. Look for a good quality crate that fits your pet perfectly, and make sure your dog adheres to a definite and regular training schedule. As you go along the training process, always be clear with your instructions, so your pet will not stray or get lost into doing just anything it wants to do

4. Be consistently firm, yet loving at the same time.

Pittbulls place high regard on the firmness and sense of leadership of their owners or the ones training them. So, to prevent these powerful animals from displaying any signs of dominance, aggression or stubbornness, just be firm with your words and be the leader they need instead of serving as the follower.

5. Provide plenty of opportunities for recreation.

As mentioned previously, Pit Bulls are a bundle of pure energy, so it is important to give them a chance to play and exhaust any amount of energy that has built up inside them. Otherwise, you may have to worry about destructive behaviors of these pets, which happen when they get bored or depressed. Chew toy, clicker and obedience training help address this problem, as well as taking your dog for a walk daily.

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